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A ATALANTA Award Cerimony

The A Atalanta Award has been assigned as conclusion of the 6th edition of the Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum, that took place in Lecce from 1st to 3rd October 2015 at the MUST – Museo Storico Città di Lecce.

Promoted by the Apulia Film Commission Foundation and realized with the support of the Apulia Regional Administration, the Forum is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FESR) and is patronized by Eurimages, the Municipality of Lecce, in cooperation with ACE and Sofia Meetings.

The Prize, offered by the Slovenian company A ATALANTA, run by the producer Branislav Srdic, consisted in the supply of technical equipment for the value of €10.000. It has been awarded to the project AT THE BREAK OF DAWN by director Marco Cacioppo, produced by the Danish company Space Rocket Nation, founded by Lene Børglum and Nicolas Windign Refn.

The prize has marked the closing of this year’s edition where 80 producers from 30 different countries of origin have taken part. Among the 135 applications, the Evaluation Committee of the Apulia Film Commission has selected the first 20 projects on the evaluation chart, coming from all parts of the globe: ACRE DREAMS (Israel), AT THE BREAK OF DAWN (Denmark), BROTHERHOOD (New Zeland), CYCLE (Ireland), GHOUL (Lebanon), IN THE STRANGE PURSUIT OF LAURA DURAND (Greece), INES’ BRAID (Brasil/Portugal), KENTANNOS (Argentina), MEN DON’T CRY (Bosnia and Herzegovina), SUGAR KID (Macedonia), TABULA RASA (Russia/Azerbaijan), THE ANNOUNCEMENT (Turkey), THE INTERNATIONALS (Albania), THE UNCOMPLETED (Canada), TUNIS BY NIGHT (Tunisia) and the Italians DRIVE ME HOME, THE PROMISED, RED DUST, THE LIFE OF MARZOUK, THE STRAIGHT PATH.

As for geographical distribution, the 135 applications were widely spread: the applying production companies were from 40 different countries of origin. Main protagonist was the Old Continent as a whole, with a significant representation of films on a development stage, coming from the Balkan area and East Europe together with the applications that came from Central and Mediterranean Europe. The American Continent was also present, with projects from the Northern area, Central America and Southern area. Other applications came from the Maghreb area and the Middle-East.

As for the type, the projects were mainly feature films, as well as documentaries, animation features and TV series.

Numerous one-to-one meetings have taken place, individual encounters between the producers of the selected projects and the potential co-producers invited for the occasion.

After the intense work session, the producers have been offered guided tours to enjoy the beauty of the “Leccese” Baroque and a touristic itinerary to view the marvellous historical centre of Gallipoli.

The Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum has the aim of supporting film projects on a development stage (feature films, documentaries, TV series), with a link with Europe or Mediterranean area in the plot and with at least 30% of the budget secured.

The aim is to favour meetings and partnerships among the production companies, financers, market experts and distributors, allowing participants to present their projects with the opportunity of “testing” them in their development stage and get in touch with potential co-financers. Therefore, a precious feedback that helping them in the following stages of production.

Apulia Film Commission, after the great response in terms of participation and results obtained in the first five editions, has chosen the Forum as a moment of further opportunity of confrontation among professionals of the cinema and audiovisual field. The Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum further enriches the strategy of construction of the industrial audiovisual chain of the Apulia Film Commission, allowing the exchange of good production methods and financial resources, in order to boost and ease film making in Apulia.

Selected projectsThe Apulia Film Commission Foundation hereby publishes the selected projects list for the Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum 2015, taking place in Lecce on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd October 2015. The selected projects will receive formal announcement by the Apulia Film Commission.
Selected projects list 2015

For more info please refer to:
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Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum Director
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