The Apulia Cineport hubs are the logistical headquarters of the Apulia Film Commission Foundation and centres to welcome and host production companies.

The Lecce Cineport hub offers an area of 500 m² with parking space for film production vehicles and a zone for exhibitions and installation art. It is located in the Knos manufacturing complex which was previously used as a training centre for metalworkers. Upon closure, the building was subsequently transformed into a centre of cultural prodution. The factory complex covers 4,000 m² which was salvaged in favour of the arts and training activity: for thirty years (from the mid-60s to the late 90s), these buildings were used for lessons and instruction for engineers and electrical technicians.

What had been known as Cnos (National Centre for Salesian Works) became Knos on 17th November 2007, simply altering the initial letter to imply the beginning of a new era. The factory in via Vecchia Frigole, close to the city centre, is owned by the provincial council but run by the South-East Cultural Association, offering a home to a large number of local cultural companies and associations.

The Lecce Cineport hub, opened in May 2010, is an area designed to support film production and the large number of production companies who choose the Salento region. Over recent years, numerous groups of cast and crew have been welcomed and various film events organised.

In November 2011 the architectural project to transform the site, carried out by Metamor Architetti Associati, was chosen as the home page image for “Europaconcorsi”, one of the architectural field’s most recognised websites.

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