Apulia Film Forum

The Apulia Film Commission Foundation introduces the ninth Edition of the Apulia Film Forum, taking place in Monopoli on 11th-12th-13th October, 2018.

The Apulia Film Forum aims to promote co-production processes and exchange of best practices in order to improve operating methods of the professionals involved, directing them towards the choice of the Puglia Region as location for their films.

This edition too presents two sections: Italian and Foreign.

The Italian section is aimed at audiovisual projects by national producers who are seeking out foreign co-producers.

The Foreign section is for audiovisual projects by producers from any country searching Italian co-producers or Italian executive producers.

It is possible to apply with a film project (fiction feature film or documentary) at a development stage, to be shot either entirely or partially in Puglia (please note that the story doesn’t need to be set in Puglia), with at least 30% of the budget secured.

Deadline for Applications: 9th September 2018.

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Application form

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The Italian projects Prot. N. 2637_18_U

The Foreign projects Prot. N. 2638_18_U

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The Foreign projects Prot. N. 2683_18_U

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