Apulia Film Fund 2018/2020

Public Notice from the Regione Puglia with a total endowment of € 10,000,000

Micro, small or medium-sized enterprises, with an ATECO 59.11 code (or EU code NACE J 59.11), that are sole producers or co-producers of the audiovisual project presented or have an executive production contract with the production company of the audiovisual project.
The fund is aimed at supporting the production phase of audiovisual projects or a series of audiovisual projects.

Types of eligible projects and minimum shooting thresholds in Apulia
FICTION category: fictional feature film with a minimum duration of 52 minutes, whose principal use is cinematographic; works of fiction (single or series) with a total duration of at least 90 minutes, mainly intended for television broadcasting (including VoD and SVoD)  |  6 working days
DOC category: creative documentaries with a minimum duration of 52 minutes, principally for cinematographic use; creative documentaries (single or series), generally not intended for cinema/cinematographic use.  |  6 working days
SHORT category: short films with a duration of less than 52 minutes; musical short films (music videos); pilot episode of a series with a duration of less than 52 minutes.  |  2 working days
ANIMATION category: animated feature films with a minimum duration of 52 minutes, mainly for cinema; animation projects (single or series) with a minimum total duration of 24 minutes destined mainly for television broadcasting (also VoD and SVoD).  |  6 working days
FORMAT category: reality; talent show; factual entertainment; fictionality/constructed reality; action game; adventure game.  |  2 working days

Financial coverage
60% for FICTION
40% for DOC
20% for SHORT
60% for FORMAT

In the case of projects pertaining to the FICTION category, have a distribution contract, a Deal Memo or a letter of commitment for distribution, with a distributor, and/or a broadcaster, and/or a VOD or SVOD platform.
In the case of projects pertaining to the FORMAT category, have a contract with the broadcaster for TV airing.

Cash rebate
ALL CATEGORIES: 75% of net expenses (net pay or taxable invoices) of workers and professionals enrolled in the Production Guide of Apulia Film Commission also during shooting outside Apulia.
FICTION: 30% of taxable invoices of suppliers with tax residence in Apulia
DOC: 50% of taxable invoices of suppliers with tax residence in Apulia
SHORT: 70% of taxable invoices of suppliers with tax residence in Apulia
ANIMATION: 50% of taxable invoices of suppliers with tax residence in Apulia
FORMAT: 30% of taxable invoices of suppliers with tax residence in Apulia

Maximum amount allotted
FICTION:  € 1,000,000
DOC:  € 100,000
SHORT:  € 40,000
ANIMATION:  € 250,000
FORMAT:  € 100,000

Selection and publication of funded project lists
The assessment procedure is carried out by the Economy of Culture Section of the Regione Puglia.
The evaluation of the applications takes place every two months by a Technical Assessment Commission.
Projects that reach a total of 60 points will be funded, subject to the achievement of the minimum points in criteria A.
5 points are awarded for international co-productions.


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Useful Documents
Annex 1: Cost Production Reimbursable Expenses
Annex 2: Self Certification
Annex 3: Application Form ANIMATION category
Annex 3: Application Form FICTION category
Annex 3: Application Form DOC category
Annex 3: Application Form SHORT category
Annex 3: Application Form FORMAT category
Annex 4: Financial Plan
Annex 5: Bank Attestation
Annex 6: Antimafia Information
Annex 7: Procedural Guideline
Annex 8: Advance Balance Payment Request
Annex 9: Analytical Report
Annex 10: AuditorAttestation
Annex 11: Outline Demand Guarantee
Annex 12: Declaration Legal Representative
Annex 13: Declaration SME enterprise

Annex 3 is to be filled out exclusively with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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