Apulia Hospitality Fund

Through its Hospitality Funding grant, the Apulia Film Commission offers funding to help cover accommodation and living costs in Apulia.

Can be used to cover (completely or partially) costs directly incurred by production companies while operating in Apulia. Its cost categories include accommodation, board (refreshments, catering, packed meals) and travel and transport within the Apulia region (including vehicle hire).
The grant is provided with support from the European Regional Development Fund (Actions 4.3.1 and 4.1.2) and can be combined with all other types of AFC Foundation funding except the Apulia Regional Film Fund.

Type of grant

Public notice for funding application (deadline 10th December 2014), with total funding budget of € 666,725.44.

Who can apply

Italian, European and non-European audiovisual, film and TV production companies.

Admissible projects

-       full-length feature or animation films (min. 75 mins)

-       TV or internet feature or animation films (min. 75 mins)

-       TV or internet fiction or animation series (min. 100 mins)

-       Documentaries or docu-fictions

-       Fiction or animation shorts (max. 20 mins)

-       Other formats (all film types not included in the precious categories, with the exception of commercials and TV programmes)

Application requisites

Funding guarantees at the time of application as follows:

-       60% for full length films, TV/internet films, TV/internet series (also animation)

-       30% for documentaries and docufictions

-       30% for shorts (also animation)

-       40% for other formats

Allowable costs

The grant covers costs incurred in Apulia exclusively during production of the film project in the following categories:

-       accommodation (hotels, apartment-hotels, rented apartments)

-       board (restaurants, catering and packed meals)

Selection criteria

The AFC Foundation Board assesses projects within 60 days and bases evaluation on specific criteria, assigning a score up to a maximum of 100.

Projects which are awarded a score of 60 or more will be eligible for funding.

Amount of funding and maximum grant available

The grant allocated will be 70% of the hospitality costs incurred in Apulia up to a maximum of €200,000 while the funding resources outlined in this public notice are available.

Allowable period of expenses

From 6th November 2014 to 31st March 2015.

Accumulation with other AFC Foundation grants

The grant is accumulable with all other types of AFC Foundation funding except the Apulia Regional Film Fund.


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Hospitality 10th December 2014

Application Form

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