XYZ started the shooting of “Spring” directed by Aaroon Moorhead and Justin Benson

On November 18th  XYZ Films started the shooting of “Spring” the movie directed by Aaroon Moorhead and Justin Benson who also wrote the original script.

“Resolution” their debut movie selected to the best festivals, received awards and great reviews worlwide, starting from Tribeca FF. “Spring” follows young man in a personal tailspin as he flees California to the Italian coast, where he meets a woman carrying a dark secret.

Lou Taylor Pucci stars as lead actor after the success for the remake of “Evil Dead” and winner of the Silver Bear Award for Best Actor at the 2005 Berlin Film Festival with the movie “Thumbsucker” by Mike Mills with Keanu Reeves and Tilda Swinton.

Nadia Hilker, a young and talented German tv star, is  the lead actress.

The movie will be shot both in Italy and US. In Italy and the shooting is in Puglia will last  4 weeks. 9.99 Films, a Milan based movie company owned by Luca Legnani and Fulvio Compagnucci is in charge of the executive production in Puglia. Main locations are Polignano a Mare, Oria, Conversano and the archeological site at Egnatia.


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