The shoots of Bruno Coppola’s new film “Three way Weeks” are started in Puglia

Born from an International Cooproduction Between England, Turkey and Greece, the movie obtained the contribution “Hospitality” from Apulia Film Commission and the financing “Media” from The Euromediterranean Co-peration’s Forum.

Bruno Coppola’s film “Three way Weeks”is a Psychological Thriller based on a travelling story of love and revenge. Started at the beginning of the month in Bucarest and Maramures,the  Film was shooted in Puglia until the 7 of July, among Manfredonia,  Peschici, Vico del Gargano, Rodi Garganico, Vieste and in the district of Foggia, and was completed and finished soon after in Istambul.

Protagonist of the dramatic tale are the greek actor Stratos Georgioglou, already protagonist of the Film “Ulysses’ gaze” (1995) and  “Eternity and a Day” (1988), made by the greek director Theodor Angelopoulos, and the Rumenian actress Luminita Gheorghiou, that palyed in films as “Train de vie” of  Radu Mihaileanu (winner in 1999 in the David of Donatello awards and in the Sundance film Festival), “4 months, 3weeks and 2 days” and “ Beyond the Hills” of Christian Mungiu.

The film take also advantage of the prestigious presence of the actor Oleg Mutu, already photographer manager for the Rumenian director Mungiu for the movies “4 months, 3weeks and 2days” (prized with the Golden Palm in the Festival of Cannes in 2007) and “Beyond the Hills” (winner of the Prix of Scenario in the Festival of Cannes in 2012).

Produced by the Bruno Coppola’s English home production “Approaching Fish”, In collaboration with Turkey and Greece and with the Esecutive production of Paolo Spina’s “Revolver Film”, the movie obtained the contribution “Hospitality” from Apulia Film Commission and the “Media” financing.

The filmic project was also presented in the Euromediterranean co-production Forum, organized in Puglia by the Apulia Film Commission in 2012.

The apulian workforce used to realize the film is constituted by four actors belonging from the italian region, 13 skilled workers and an economic impact on the territory of 300 thousand euros of amount.








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