“Il ritorno” directed by Olaf Kreinsen is shooting in Puglia

Another International co-production land in Puglia. The German director Olaf Kreinsen, already known as the creator of some successful  series in the German’s tv fictions “ Inspector Rex”, from Monday the 17th will start the shootings of his new film “Il ritorno” ,in Polignano A Mare ,to displace after the set in the Masseria Lupoli a Crispiano, in the district of Taranto, and in the area of Ciolo, near Santa Maria of Leuca, in the district of Lecce.


The film is a comedy with Alessandro Preziosi in the role of the protagonist, Paolo, an accomplished engineer emigrated in Germany, that come back in Puglia, his homeland, to face the serious economic’s problems caused by his brother.

“Il ritorno”, cooproduced by Rai Fiction,Rowboat film and Betafilm, with Dog’s Life as esecutive producer and the support of Apulia Film Commission, is a Tv Movie that will go on the air on the Italian channel Rai Uno and on the German channel ZDF. The workforce used to realize the film will count 40units, among which 20 experts from Puglia, included the location manager Leo Angelini.


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