AFC arrives in London for a presentation in front of leading british film and TV producers

As part of the “Internationalization Programme for Local Production Processes” and “Apulian Excellence 2012” (to encourage competition and international recognition of the Apulia Region’s local economy), a delegation from the Apulia Film Commission Foundation will be in London on Friday 20 July. The group, including Board Councillor Francesco Asselta, CEO Silvio Maselli, EU Projects Supervisor Cristina Piscitelli and Productions Supervisor Daniele Basilio, will be presenting details of its activities and services for leading British film and TV producers. During the meeting, representatives of the Apulia Film Commission will show members of the British audiovisual industry the film-making opportunities offered by the region as well as the numerous services provided by the Apulia Film Commission to audiovisual production companies. Part of the presentation is also dedicated to the funds allocated to film projects set in Apulia, in particular the Hospitality Fund and International Film Fund.


The International Film Fund, presented at the Cannes Film Festival on 20 May 2012, is the first and only Italian grant aimed exclusively at international film and TV projects and was set up to attract prominent foreign production companies to Apulia. The London meeting will be divided into two presentation sessions on the activities of the Apulia Film Commission and available funding. Each of these sessions will be held in front of 20 British producers, interspersed with two sessions of one-to-one meetings between AFC delegates and producers who already have projects which are potentially suitable for production in Apulia.


The London meeting is only one part of an AFC strategy which has identified the six most important current international markets (UK, France, Germany, USA, India and Brazil). In particular, the British market is the most similar European reference point to that in the USA. The UK is also a bridge between Europe, America, Canada and all other English-speaking countries.


The Apulia Film Commission has collaborated with the co-ordinating offices of the Apulia Internationalization Programme together with the Apulians Across the World programme to organise “Apulian Excellence 2012”, a series of events and meetings to promote Made in Apulia and Apulian culture, which is being held in London from 16th-21st July. As part of these events, Francesco Asselta will present the extraordinarily successful Apulian creative duo, director and screenwriter Gennaro Nunziante and Luca Medici (alias Checco Zalone) together with their film “Che bella giornata” (“What a Wonderful Day”).

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